26 de dezembro de 2009

Retirar o casamento ao Estado

"The legalistic argument for gay marriage is primarily concerned with inheritance and visitation rights in hospitals. The broader social argument is about equality. Both of these can be dealt with by legislative reform – remove the state's role in marriage, do away with any remaining marriage-related tax incentives and make inheritance and association issues of conscience for the individual concerned with default fall-backs if none are specified.
Erasing the official role of marriage would not be as profound a social change as it might first sound. Ceremony is an important aspect of human life but getting the government out of marriage doesn't mean weddings would suddenly cease to occur. People can make commitments to one another, including binding ones, without the official sanction of the state.
Why not simply let people choose to register with the world to note that they are bound together for financial, next-of-kin and romantic purposes, but that they the right to end that arrangement at the drop of a hat, not at the whim of the state?
Jason Walsh, jornalista; Guardian, 8 de Dezembro

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